Student Visa Consultants in Delhi

Student Visa Consultants in Delhi

Canada is a popular destination for international students, and it has a lot to offer. International students from all over the world come to Canada’s prestigious colleges and universities to study in a variety of disciplines. Canadian colleges are known for their cutting-edge curriculum, expansive courses, and intriguing infrastructure. Buddy Immigration  is regarded as the top Canada study visa advisors in Delhi and works tirelessly to assist students in increasing their chances of enrolling in the selected programme in Canada. We not only help students choose the ideal institution, but we also help them get eligible for it. If you want to study your selected courses in Canada, Buddy Immigration is your one-stop to acquire your dream degree.

Countless of candidates from all over the world want to be admitted into one of Canada’s schools or universities and receive a study visa. For many overseas students, studying in Canada is an exciting and fulfilling experience. After you’ve determined what you want to study, you should think about admission dates, registration deadlines, student visa processing timelines, and English language requirements. In addition to BA, MBA, PhD, certificate, and diploma programs, Canadian colleges and universities provide a wide range of short-term summer language courses, continuing education, and exchange programs. Every year, the primary admission occurs in September, while many colleges and universities offer a lesser intake in January or summer term. To study in Canada, most foreign nationals need a study permit.

Why to Choose Canada for your further studies?

Canada is recognized around the world as a country with a wonderful reputation. Canada is playing an important role and is constantly at the forefront of technological advances. Without a question, it has constantly been an informed and leading monarch in the field of information and technology. We are all concerned that it is rapidly becoming the world’s largest student hub, with students from all over the world flocking to their excellent international institutions and colleges. Canada is at the top of every student’s list when it comes to culls. This nation has numerous interesting aspects that can greatly assist you in studying comfortably in it.

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    Numerous research possibilities - Universities in this area provide research assistance to students who have strong research ideas.
    Possibility of immigration upon completion of the course - If a candidate chooses to study in Canada, he will receive points in three categories: language, education, and work. If they are of a specific age, they will receive bonus points. A Canadian education might provide crucial points for several immigration streams such as Express Entry or the PNP.
    A vibrant campus environment - International students can work while studying in Canada, thanks to the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), which allows international students to gain work experience in Canada after finishing their course of study at an approved learning facility (DLI). Depending on the circumstances, the PGWP is valid for three years.
    Several Internship opportunities

    Why Are We Best Canada Study Visa Consultants in Delhi?

    The following are some of the reasons why you should choose Buddy Immigration as your visa adviser over other Canada Study Visa experts in Delhi.

    Free Counseling: We believe in offering adequate counseling sessions to all students who want to study abroad so that they may make an informed decision.

    Punctuality: We believe that time is the most important aspect in building a company’s reputation. So, here, we strive diligently to provide positive results to every student.

    Privacy and security: Buddy Immigration is a dynamic study visa consultancy service that has been supporting students while also keeping their information private and secure.

    Outstanding Consultation: Our staff is quick in delivering the necessary information and also assists in selecting the ideal institution with the suitable college.

    Staff with extensive experience: As the top Canada Visa Consultants in Delhi, we have a team of highly skilled specialists with a track record of success in visa submission and processing.

    Integrity: We are recognized for our dependability and transparency in our work. We tell our clients about the whole visa processing code and behavior so that they are informed of each phase of the international visa application procedure.


    Check out the list of documents necessary for a Canadian Study Visa below:

    Passport: This is one of the most important requirements for any type of visa. To be eligible to apply for any form of visa, one must first have a valid passport.

    Proofs of finances: When applying for a study visa, an applicant must provide evidence of funds. These monies are used to demonstrate that the students have the finances to pay their tuition fees at the chosen institution and college.

    Photographs: Students planning to study abroad must present two passport-sized pictures that meet the stated requirements.

    Immigration Medical Examination (IME): Students planning to study abroad must submit to and pass an immigration medical examination.

    • Attested copies of 10th, 12th and Degree certificates
    • Academic references – 2
    • SOP (Statement of Purpose)
    • Certificates of extracurricular achievements
    • An acceptance letter from your education institution
    • Proof of payment
    • Proof of financial funds
    • English Proficiency
    • Your University will make you aware of additional requirements if any prior to your application

    Let us proceed to the outline of the Canadian Education System that our experts have prepared for our potential clients. To begin with, each student can select from up to 150 institutions and 90 universities, as well as a diverse range of programs and courses. If you can’t locate your ideal course there, it most likely doesn’t exist.

    • The Canadian educational system and its implementation varies in each province in the country. When it comes to educational opportunities after high school, Canada’s system provides:
    • Technical colleges are part of the private sector and provide short-term training to develop practical skills needed in the labor market.
    • Community colleges provide more extensive curricula and off-campus instruction. Their programs are tailored to the needs of local businesses.
    • University Colleges provide two paths: practical or academic-oriented degrees, with separate diplomas.
    • Universities are largely government-funded, and their tuition is cheaper than in other nations. Nonetheless, they provide high-quality undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs.

    Canadian universities provide a vast array of courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. With such a wide range of programs available, it is simple for young people to choose one that matches their interests and desires. The top courses to study in Canada for an easy job offer are as follows:

    • Computer Science and IT
    • Business and Finance
    • Engineering
    • Agricultural Science and Forestry
    • Medicine and Healthcare
    • Media and Journalism

    The digital document consists of three major steps:

    • The retainer agreement is signed.
    • Making the first appointment
    • Payment is made

    You will receive an email from our immigration office after all processes have been completed. Please keep in mind that there are no other prerequisites for the initial appointment. You will be introduced to your case processing manager during your initial meeting, who will activate your online client portal and go over next steps.