Tourist Visa Consultants

Tourist Visa Consultants

Nature has bestowed unique diversity and nature on each country and location. Every location provides something new to experience. Somewhere you see something, and somewhere else you make another experience. Some countries have stunning scenery, while others have breathtaking sunsets and beaches. Aside from that, certain countries are famed for their cuisines, while others are known for their medical services. So its very difficult to choose where here Tourist Visa consultant helps you to land over perfect Place to spend your vacation.

Canada has excellent holiday options as well as business opportunities. Everyone is heartily welcomed in Canada, and because it is a tourist-friendly country, its friendliness attracts all tourists, who return often to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This is the world’s largest island, as well as its smallest continent. Make a date with this enthralling land of lovable and kind people and Indigenous Canadians, and taste and experience the region’s magical and interesting past.

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The first step is to find the best Tourist Visa Consultancy, which you have done.We are one of the best  Tourist Visa Consultant situated in Delhi NCR that can assist you with your foreign vacation. We offer you bundles at never-before-seen pricing. We can be your best travel buddy because we arranges for you to be picked up from your home in India and dropped off at your favorite country’s home. Our experts handles everything and aids you in making the most of your trip. In addition, we guarantee to provide you with the greatest amenities and allow you to fully explore the holiday places. 

We, as your tourist visa adviser, understand you and are available to solve any of your problems so that you can travel without stress. It’s like your closest mate in India going above and beyond to ensure you have a pleasant time on your worldwide trip. We’re also your bestest mate on the other side of the planet, ready to greet you and show you around.

As a tourist visa adviser, we assist you in obtaining a tourist visa for any country and design the package to your specific needs and preferences.

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    Why to choose Canada For your Vacations?

    The breadth of Canada’s beautiful nature, from mountains and glaciers to quiet lakes and woods, is practically unrivaled in the world. But it’s not simply the magnificent outdoors that draws people to Canada. Canada boasts clean, safe, welcoming, and multicultural cosmopolitan cities. Indeed, Canada is frequently rated as one of the world’s most livable countries. Whether you enjoy river rafting or live theater, Canada will not disappoint. There are numerous modern, multicultural cities in Canada, each with its own particular identity. Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are perhaps the most well-known, but there are other more that emphasize various features of Canada, such as its maritime culture, mountainous landscape, French history, or indigenous people. Each city is delightful for a variety of reasons.

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    Tourist visas to Canada are necessary for persons who travel to Canada for leisure or business purposes. These persons require a tourist visa in order to travel around the world for pleasure or for business. Spend time having fun with family or friends in different parts of Canada. We understand your situation as your tourist visa consultant. If you plan to visit relatives and friends for business or pleasure, we will apply for a tourist visa in any nation. The aim of the visit determines whether a tourist visa or a business visa is required. The eligibility and documentation requirements vary per country. We are here to provide you with accurate information and to help you.

    Some General Travel Visa Requirements:

    A current passport.
    Validity of passport according to the rules of the destination country
    Maintain your health.
    There is no criminal history or immigration-related convictions.
    Sufficient finances for the duration of your stay.
    Proof of employment, family details, and financial assets to demonstrate your intent to return home.
    Other information and documentation required by the destination country

    Tourist Visa Requirement + Eligibility

    Qualifying for a visa is not an easy procedure. We might easily become overwhelmed with an endless number of requirements to obey and documentation to keep care of. We have  the knowledge, experience, and proven processes to help you through challenging immigration requirements and confidently file your visa application. We have a high percentage of success and offer the best service in the market.

    Why should you hire Buddy Immigration?

    Buddy Immigration has a two-decade experience in successfully acquiring a tourist visa, which is a difficult task. Our satisfied customers obtained their visas on schedule and without incident. With their experience and expertise, our staff is aiding you. Our counselors and documentation specialists will always provide you with the best service possible to guarantee that your tour runs well and that you have a good experience. They also keep track of the most recent changes to the transitory visa and make the appropriate amendments to your papers as soon as possible.

    Any changes to the tourist visa procedure are carefully considered by our competent personnel. If the procedure changes, they maintain themselves informed and never allow them to stymie the approval of your request for a Canada visa when you apply with us. We handle everything, from additional paperwork to changes in qualifying criteria, so you don’t have to endure because you weren’t aware of the most recent requirements.

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    You must be eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residence. According to the immigration points system, candidates are chosen. You must succeed in a number of areas in order for us to determine if you are a good candidate or not. The IRCC calculates your express entry points based on a variety of factors, including your age, educational background, employment experience, language skills, adaptability, and more. The method was put in place to choose the greatest immigration petitions out of all of them and permit entrance of the most deserving and eligible person.

    Most travelers can remain in Canada for up to six months.

    The border services officer at the point of entry may authorize you to stay for less than or more than 6 months. If that’s the case, they’ll stamp your passport with the departure date. They may also provide you with a document known as a visitor record, which will state the date you must leave by.

    If you do not receive a passport stamp, you can stay in Canada for 6 months from the date you entered or until your passport expires, whichever comes first. If you require a stamp, you can obtain one from a border services officer. If you arrive at an airport with primary inspection kiosks, inquire with the border officer.

    • A passport is needed.
    • Must be in good health and have no criminal history
    • You must have sufficient cash to support your stay in Canada.
    • The travel itinerary, as well as the to and from flying tickets, must be provided.
    • Must provide verification of employment, family, and financial assets.

    An invitation letter is not required when applying for a guest visa. It is an additional document to strengthen your case and demonstrate to the immigration officer that you are traveling Canada to meet relatives or friends or to visit Canadian nationals who have invited you over.

    If you have a visit permit, you cannot perform the following:

    • You cannot study if you have a guest visa and choose to study by obtaining a study permit in the nation.
    • You are not permitted to work in Canada because you lack a valid work permit.
    • You are not permitted to stay in Canada indefinitely.

    The CIC government has begun an online approach in addition to the paper process. Online visa applications may be more advantageous because:

    • If submitted online, there is no need for a courier or postage.
    • The submission has been received promptly.
    • The online process is faster.
    • If you submit an unfinished visa application offline, the visa application is returned to you after a few days, whereas your visa application is submitted online once the form is completed.
    • You are not need to provide your passport until the CIC requests it.
    • Get instant visa status updates on your online account.